Jun 27

July Literary Anniversaries

July has lots of literary anniversaries in store. Major ones to look out for include Ernest Hemingway, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Marcel Proust, George Bernard Shaw, Gertrude Stein, Mikhail Lermontov and Beatrix Potter. Scroll down for a full list.

JulyLitClockwise from left: Marcel Proust, portrait by Jacques-Emile Blanche © leemage. Ernest Hemingway fishing for swordfish in Key West, Florida, 1929 © The Granger Collection. Mikhail Lermontov, 1941 portrait by Nikolai Ulyanov © culture-images


1 July – 100th death anniversary of Henry Lionel Field, 1st World War poet whose death anniversary falls on the date of the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme (until 18 November 1916)

1 July – 100th birth anniversary of Olivia Mary de Havilland, American actress

2 July – 55th death anniversary of Ernest Hemingway, American novelist known for such books as A Farewell to Arms and The Old Man and the Sea

7 July – 200th death anniversary of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Irish playwright who was known for such successful plays as The Rivals and The School for Scandal.

10 July – 145th birth anniversary of Marcel Proust best known for his monumental novel À la recherche du temps perdu, published in seven parts between 1913 and 1927.

20 July – 200th death anniversary of Gavrila Derzhavin, Russian poet

22 July – 100th death anniversary of James Whitcomb Riley, best selling American writer and poet famous for his children’s books, such asLittle Orphan Annie and The Raggedy Man.

26 July – 160th birth anniversary of George Bernard Shaw the Irish playwright who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925.

27 July – 70th death anniversary of Gertrude Stein, American novelist famous for her book The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, published in 1933.

27 July – 175th death anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov, Russian poet and author of A Hero of Our Time

28 July – 150th birth anniversary of Beatrix Potter, British children’s writer famous for her stories of animals such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit and her conservation work in the Lake District of England.


Jun 20

Spanish premiere of Der König Kandaules

The Spanish premiere of Zemlinksy’s opera Der König Kandaules opens tonight at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville

Pedro Halffter conducts the Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla in a production by Manfred Schweigkofler from the Teatro Massimo de Palermo. Soprano Nicola Beller Carbone is Queen Nyssia and baritone Martin Gantner will play the fisherman Gyges.

Running 20 – 24 June 2016

Images © Daniel Gonzales Acuña – click here for more images. Contact pictures@lebrecht.co.uk

Der Konig Kandaules Der Konig Kandaules  Der Konig KandaulesDer Konig Kandaules Der Konig Kandaules Der Konig Kandaules Der Konig Kandaules Der Konig Kandaules Der Konig Kandaules

Jun 14

Alberto Remedios has died aged 81

Operatic tenor Alberto Remedios passed away on Saturday 11 June. He is best known for his Wagnerian roles, on one occasion performing as Siegfried in both Götterdämmerung and Siegfried, as well as taking on the role of Siegmund in Die Walküre, all within a single week for a production of the Ring Cycle, on tour in his native Liverpool.

27 February 1935 – 11 June 2016

Photo: © Private Collection. Contact pictures@lebrecht.co.uk

Alberto Remedios

Jun 10

Francesco Maria Colombo Exhibition Opening

Francesco Maria Colombo, Lebrecht photographer and orchestral conductor, has an exhibition opening tomorrow 11th June in Parma, Gli Ori di Parma at the Palazzo Pigorini. As you can see he does not just photograph cultural personalities and musicians. We are very privileged to work with a photographer who has such a sharp eye for composition and detail.

Jun 10

Spanish Civil War 80th Anniversary

SCWClockwise from left: Poster by Joan Miro supporting the cause of the Republicans in the Civil War © culture-images. Republican flag raised in Madrid, 14 April 1931, following the declaration of the Spanish Republic. Ernest Hemingway with Gustav Regler and Joris Ivens during the filming of The Spanish Earth in 1937 © Rue des Archives.


On 17 July it will be 80 years since the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, fought between the leftist Republicans and the rightist Nationalists under the command of General Franco. The war began after a pronunciamiento by a group of generals against the elected government of the Second Spanish Republic, a partially successful coup that left the country divided.

With the rise of Fascism in 20th century Europe, the implications of the war went well beyond Spain’s borders, becoming a symbolic cause for anti-fascist movements. Franco’s forces received reinforcement and supplies from Germany and Italy, while the Soviet Union gave some aid to the Republicans, and thousands of volunteers from 53 nations joined the International Brigades. Notable figures involved in the movement include Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell.

The Republic was ultimately defeated in 1939, leading to the establishment of Franco’s dictatorship, which would last until his death in 1975.

Lebrecht holds a large collection of images on the Civil War, including propogranda posters in support of both sides of the conflict, unusual images of Franco and his family and documentary photographs.

SCW2Clockwise from left: Poster by Juan Cabanas supporting the Nationalist Falange, 1938 © culture-images. Franco’s troops attacking a village, August 1938 © Rue des Archives. General Francisco Franco and his daughter Carmencita.


Jun 09

Unique Images of Muhammad Ali Recording ‘I Am the Greatest!’


Lebrecht Music & Arts has just acquired Don Hunstein’s unique photographs of Muhammad Ali, known as Cassius Clay at the time, recording his ‘I Am the Greatest!’ album at the Columbia Records 30th Street New York Studios in August 1963, six months before winning the world heavyweight championship.

Can anyone help us identify the dates for the photographs where he is wearing a striped shirt? We believe it’s March 1964. Is there anyone out there who was at that recording and can confirm this?

© D. Hunstein/Lebrecht Music & Arts


Jun 06

Muhammad Ali Obituary Images

Cassius Clay later to become Muhammad Ali, August 1966August 1966 in training © Mirrorpix

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has died on Friday 3 June following a respiratory illness. January 17, 1942 – June 3, 2016. Click here for more images.

Muhammad AliPosing in a policeman’s helment on a visit to the UK, 16th December 1980 © Mirrorpix

Muhammad AliRiding one of his horses with his daughter Maryum at his training camp at Deer Lake, Pennsylvania. 6th July 1973 © Mirrorpix

Muhammed Ali seen here completing some roadwork training

roadwork training in Nassau during the build up to bout against Trevor Berbick. 15th Novenber 1987 © Mirrorpix

Muhammed Ali training for the Leon Spinks fight, August 1978

Training for the Leon Spinks fight, August 1978 © Mirrorpix


Jun 03

Paris Floods Again!

Great Flood of Paris, 1910Boulevard Haussmann under water, Paris 1910


The famous Louvre Museum, home of the enigmatic Mona Lisa, has closed its doors to the Paris public as the Seine River rises six metres above its normal level. It is trying to transfer precious artworks away from the flood area. After a search through our archives we found photos from the great flood of 1910 in Paris when the Seine rose eight metres above its normal level, following months of high rainfall. The Seine flooded Paris when water pushed upwards from overflowing sewers and subway tunnels, and seeped into basements through fully saturated soil. The waters did not overflow the river’s banks within the city, but flooded Paris through tunnels, sewers, and drains. Police, fire-fighters, and soldiers moved through waterlogged streets in boats to rescue stranded residents from second-story windows and to distribute aid. After thirty five days of suffering, the water drained away.

Great Flood of Paris, 1910 Great Flood of Paris, 1910

Left to right: Flooding at Quai de Passy. Man in bowler hat exits from his second floor home via a ladder.


Jun 02

June Literary Anniversaries

June Lit2Clockwise from left: Allen Ginsberg, July 1967 © John Haynes. Maxim Gorky with Soviet airmen, 1931. Illustration by by Margaret Winifred Tarrant for Tartary by Walter de la Mare.


3 June – 90th birth anniversary of Allen Ginsberg, American poet of the Beat Generation

11 June – 100th death anniversary of Jean Webster, American author

18 June – 80th death anniversary of Maxim Gorky

22 June – 60th death anniversary of Walter de la Mare, British children’s author


Jun 01

June Performing Arts Anniversaries

June Music2Clockwise from left: John Gielgud and Dame Peggy Ashcroft on the cover of Play Pictorial as Boris Trigorin and Nina in Chekhov’s The Seagull, 1936. Score cover for It’s Alright With Me, song from Cole Porter’s Can-Can. George Simenon and Josephine Baker at dinner c. 1926 © Alinari.


Keep track of this month’s performing arts anniversaries with Lebrecht’s anniversary calendar.

3 June – 110th birth anniversary of Josephine Baker, American-born French dancer, singer and actress

9 June – 125th birth anniversary of Cole Porter, American composer and songwriter

14 June – 25th death anniversary of Dame Peggy Ashcroft, British actress

23 June – 60th death anniversary of Reinhold Glière, Russian composer

25 June – 100th death anniversary of Thomas Eakins, American realist artist

26 June – 100th birth anniversary of Giuseppe Taddei, Italian lyric tenor